Sanaa Journal:

Sanaa: Journal of African Arts, Media and Cultures (Sanaa Journal) ISSN 2507-7775 (Online) ISBN 987-9976-89-652-7 is an annual peer reviewed journal aimed at providing a forum for intellectuals, artists, media experts and creative people within and outside Africa to debate and publish scholarly works in relation to Africa’s arts, media and cultures.


1. To publish issues related to Africa’s arts, media and cultures which are not often covered from a scholarly perspective.
2. To link contemporary arts, media and cultures to the historical past.
3. To build and rejuvenate research interest on Africa’s arts, media and cultures.


The journal seeks original research-based content from academics and media practitioners related to Africa’s arts, media and cultures. The journal publishes articles that display intellectual rigour and scholarly excellence in creative industries and innovations. Papers are invited from cultural heritage, innovations, intangible heritage, creative industries, theatre, film, radio, television, music, dance, sculpture, drawings, graphics, painting, internet, digital media and other direct related fields. The work embraced by the journal includes pageantry, community festivals, studio recordings, exhibitions, radio and TV shows, fashion, galas and celebrations. It also focuses on the review of related laws and policies. Inter-disciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity are key to this journal.  Thus, papers from the fields of humanities, social sciences, law, business, education, engineering, health sciences and on issues related to the scope of the journal are invited.


Articles are accepted, reviewed, edited and published throughout the year while special issues will be issued once the process is completed.