Legal Challenges to the Protection of Copyrighted Creative Works against Infringement under Cyberspace in Tanzania

  • Theophil Romward Single
Keywords: Copyrighted Musical Works and Films, Intellectual Property Rights, Infringement, Cyberspace, Science and Technology


Science and technology are taking the lead in many aspects of human life. Now it is fashionable to conduct most activities online as opposed to the past time when paper-based transactions were common. The online transaction simplifies the way intellectuals, among other dealers, market their copyrighted works. For example, authors sell books online; designers advertise their designs and musicians sell their musical works through various intermediaries such as websites. Ensuring the smooth conducting of these, internet is an important tool. However, irrespective of its importance in electronic transactions, the internet has been an engine through which pirates infringe upon copyrighted works. Through this infringement, knowledge of intellectuals worth payment is lost with neither payment nor acknowledgement. This article focuses on musical works and films by looking at how copyright law in Tanzania protects them against infringement in cyberspace. The article shares knowledge with the stakeholders such as musicians, actors, authors and their regulatory bodies on how they can fight against online piracy of copyrighted works. It argues that the Tanzania copyright legal framework does not adequately address the infringement of copyrighted works in cyberspace. Consequently, the owners of copyrighted materials and the government lose income from the owners’ creativity. The article recommends that the law needs amendment in response to developments in science and technology. The law should not only address the sale of copyrighted musical works and films online but also the offline dealings resulting from online infringements.


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