Usage Policy

This Policy seeks to protect the content of the Sanaa Journal that is put online and at the same time guide the users of the Journal.

 Users are HEREBY required and directed to strictly comply with the following conditions:

  1. Users may copy, distribute and transmit contents of this Journal or adapt such contents for any purpose whatsoever, save that they may not plagiarism such contents and must acknowledge the contents as stated by the author, or otherwise directed by the Chief Editors of the Journal.
  1. In the event a User wants to share the contents of the Journal, such contents must be exactly the same as those of the author.
  1. Any waiver of the conditions stipulated in (1) and (2) above must be with written permission from the Chief Editors of the Sanaa Journal, previously sought and obtained.
  1. Unless otherwise provided for in this Policy, the rights of Users shall not be affected under the following conditions:
  • Fair dealing;
  • Fair Use Rights;
  • Moral rights; and
  • In the course of exercising publicity or privacy rights
  1. Further conditions that bind Users relating to re-using or distributing the contents of the Journal are provided for in the following link: